Boss Girl Raye Mitchell

Boss Girl Raye Mitchell

Boss Girl Raye Mitchell has always lived her passion for working smart, working hard, and having fun in the process. She managed to find her path in life navigating between being a left-brain advocate for justice and fairness, and a right-brain creative spirit with a thirst for making big ideas happen. About six years ago, the ‘Ban Bossy” campaign launched in a national effort to band the word ‘bossy’ in describing young women and girls who assert leadership roles. When Raye Mitchell, was interviewed in national media, she offered a different perspective: “No. I like the word Boss better.” She added, “boss speaks of a certain power and a drive to be good at what you do.”

Raye graduated with an MBA from the University of Southern California and soon earned the moniker ‘Boss Girl’ early in her marketing and advertising career working on the Trix and Lucky Charms cereals in the Big G Division of General Mills, Inc. Marketing consumer goods and crafting new product ideas and advertising campaigns to connect with consumers created a highly competitive work environment. Every successful new product launch and advertising campaign had to deliver a perfectly timed great idea that evolves into a brand story to ultimately capture the consumer’s attention, curiosity, and emotional embrace.

Later, Raye expanded her skills in the art and science of communications, persuasion, and storytelling by attending Harvard Law School. By way of becoming a boss civil rights litigator, intellectual property and entertainment lawyer, and a deal maker running her full-service law firm, she learned a lot about telling authentic stories that encompass justice and fairness. Her job required no less than persuading opponents, judges, and juries to do the right thing.

Now, the Chief Boss Girl Content Officer and Executive Producer at The Genius Agency, Inc, Raye spends my time writing, producing content, and working with creative geniuses. Her attention focuses on developing and evaluating content to bring it to TV, movies, book series, and streaming media platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and more. She has worked on projects involving A-list celebrities, including Issa Rae, Hill Harper, Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx, and Academy Award winner Viola Davis. Living this dream job means working with boss creative geniuses in all sectors to tell a great story.

Surrounded by creative geniuses in business, law, and entertainment production, Raye crafted her entrepreneurial gifts into creative and innovative writing. To date, she has published four non-fiction books, a non-fiction prequel short story, and continue to work on my one-day-to-be first novel. All of her published books are available on her page. She is working on her forthcoming non-fiction book entitled, Bossology. What Every Boss Content Creator Needs to Know to Produce, Protect, and Tell Their Story to the Masses.

With a focus as an Intellectual Property and Content Strategist, Raye is working with many of her clients on their new books, movies, and projects, and working to bring their content to multiple platforms, including streaming media, movies, and more. What Does It Profit, a new political thriller written by G.A. Blakely, will be featured in Bossology as a worthy example of the power of a great idea married to a fabulous writer.

It’s tough out there in Hollywood and the entertainment world. Boss Girl Raye Mitchell’s unique bundle of expertise in legal, leadership, strategy, deal-making, negotiation, fairness, and innovation assists her clients in finding their storytelling light in the process. She is a sought-after speaker for keynote addresses, workshops, professional coaching. Raye is licensed to practice law in all state and federal courts in the state of California. Having provided over thirty years of legal services at her full-service entertainment, intellectual property, and civil litigation law firm, Raye now works to provide access to affordable legal expert information and services at her online website

Raye is not a high school graduate. Opting to leave high school early to accept an invitation to the elite USC Resident Honors Program, she became one of only twenty or fewer students worldwide offered the prestigious recognition each year. Raye loves personal fitness, aspiring to be a competitive runner in for-cause 5k and 10k marathons, lives in bold, bright colors, writing, serving God and community, and trying to find the next big idea. She is a native of California, growing-up in the Historic Adams District of Los Angeles. She embraces the culture of growing up in extreme poverty as her creative muse and inspiration. Raye spends her time between Beverly Hills, San Francisco, and Atlanta. She has no pets, except for an occasional dust bunny named Wendall that hides under the bed after the weekly cleaning. They have found peace with each co-existence.

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